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How to Photograph your own Birthday Cake Smash

So what is cake smash? The basic idea of a cake smash is to celebrate baby’s first birthday with their first taste of cake and be able to take some beautiful photos to keep for lasting memories. Pick a Theme It’s a good idea to plan your

Weaning Worries

Many parents are naturally worried about weaning their baby. It is a huge yet very exciting transition for a baby and their parents. You will need buckets of patience and baby wipes but it can be a stress free, simple and above all fun experience for everyone.

7 Things You Should Know About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed your baby but there are a lot of myths surrounding the subject. It is the best source of nourishment for new infants and the most effective way of ensuring your new baby’s health and strength but less than half

10 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Own Baby Food

  Making your own food for your baby at home is a lot easier than you might think, plus it offers so many more benefits. There are many easy ways to do it without spending a lot of time, effort and making a big mess, and once

5 INCREDIBLE Facts About Breast Milk

You will almost certainly see breastfeeding being brought to your attention in the press over the next few years. It seems like everyday we are hearing a new story about *insert pretentious restaurant here* kicked out a mother breastfeeding her child. This generally doesn’t go down well

10 AMAZING Facts About Babies

Here are a few of our favorite facts about babies, that not many people know about. 1.  Bones A newborn baby has a total of 300 bones, compared to a fully grown adult which has 206. 2. Newborns Can’t Cry Tears We always say that newborn babies

8 Foods You Should Be Eating While Pregnant

When we find out that we have a bundle of joy growing inside of us, it can be an overwhelming time. The emotions we are going through are a mixture of pure joy, nerves and stress as there is so much to think about. The food and

NUK Micro Express Steam Steriliser Review

This week we are going to be reviewing the NUK Micro Express Steam Steriliser. This product is due for release on July 7th 2015. If you look around in the stores and online you will find many different types and brands of baby bottle sterilisers out there.

10 SIMPLE Ways To Make Healthy Food More Exciting For Kids

As children get older they almost all go through a ‘picky’ phase and this is a stressful time for parents who find it difficult getting anything nutritious in to their kids, especially due to the fact that now is the most important time as their eating habits

Infographic: Healthiest Foods that Babies Love

We love this infographic on the healthiest foods that babies love. It shows what foods are best at certain stages of a babies development. It also shows some good way that babies and toddlers can stay health with light exercise.

7 Things I LOVE about Breastfeeding

OK, so last week I went on a little bit of a ‘rant’ about some of the reasons why I hated breastfeeding. After that article I got many responses with a lot of mixed feelings. Most of you could relate to some of the points I put